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Accounting Service

GFMKZ can support you in all the daily regular and unique management of your local entity. Through a careful planning and understanding of the needs of our clients we are able to proceed with a modular approach, supporting the companies in one or more of the following areas



Preparation of the monthly tax statements, quarterly VAT and yearly Corporate Tax. Forwarding the statistical and financial documents to the authorities and representing the companies as well.



If it would be necessary to liquidate the local entity or suspend the activity for a medium/long period of time, our experts could support and advice you on the best procedures 



Determination and management of operating facts on a monthly basis, staff payroll services, preparation of the quarterly or four months balance sheets and of the annual balance sheet. 



We can license you 1C accounting software with a remote access to our server house in order to avoid high start-up investment and with a flexible management solution

Special needs?

Please feel free to contact us in order to discuss your company needs. We are confident that we will be able to propose you a solution to satisfy your needs

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