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Open a Retail shop

The massive and continuous growth of Kazakhstan during the last years make it attractive for foreign companies. At the beginning interested in de-localization, many players discovered the big possibilities that local market offer also for retail business.


Many global brands invested in the country where a boom of the new malls in the main towns is creating a totally new basin of consumers and opportunities.


GFMKZ can assist your company in all the operations of penetration in the local retail market following the financial, legal and operational operations needed  for the startup of one or plus shops in the main cities of the country (mainly Almaty and Astana):

Management of importation of goods and duties of the goods. Obtaining of product certification and maintenance of monthly/weekly inventory 
Scouting and search of location compliant to your requests, set up of electronic cash registers and ERP for accountancy and stock
Recruitment of the local staff: sales managers, store managers, store keeper and other profiles.

Are you interest in Retail?

We have a wide expirience in managing retail shops in the country. We can analize together your buseinss expectation and find the best way for your to reach your target in the country

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