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Company Incorporation

Foreign companies which plan to enter in the Kazakh market faces the problem about which company registration form to adopt and how to follow the incorporation procedure in the country. We can follow all the bureaucratic procedures necessary to open a local company, a foreign branch, a representative office or a joint venture, ensuring fast and easy procedures


We invite our potential clients to contact us and trough a first call conference we will be able to understand your needs and, without any obligation, we can suggest you the best solution


Here below you can find some of the most common questions we receive about the incorporation procedures


or Local Company?

This is probably the most important choice to make. Obviously, there is no unique answer and it all depends on from the type of business that needs to be undertaken and by the necessity to have a local partner or not.


A local company is for sure smoother and easier to manage and will be granted some tax advantages (especially small companies) while a Branch has a slightly more complex tax system but it can be necessary if some particular trade/industrial licenses had to be obtained.

What is  

the timeline to


We have developed quick and effective procedures and we are able to guarantee the opening of a local entity (of various types) in about 30 days.

It's of course necessary that clients prepare all the correct documentation quickly and with all necessary notarization and legalization

Must you

come in the country?

We are able to carry on  all the administrative steps with no need for you to come to Kazakhstan.


Many of our clients rely upon us for the corporate construction and get in the country for the first time just after the company and the bank accounts are ready and operational.

Any special request?

We are here to assist. Contact us and with a first call conference we will be able to advise you on registration procedures and timing in order to fit your needs

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